With the years, the Province of Girona has become the center of creation and innovation in gastromony worldwide. Everything hanks to prestigious chefs like Ferran Adrià (El bulli) or Joan Roca, the Catalan gastronomy has received a great international recognition. Girona and the entire Costa Brava have many tasteful natural products that in Catalunya are called ”els productes de la terra”, the products of the earth. The Chefs of the area have managed to find the perfect combination between traditional products and innovation.

Recently, thirteen recognized establishments grouped under the brand Girona Territori d’Estrelles for promotion and attract the nearby market, tourists and large companies. The project will work to make a joint promotion and enhance the gastronomy of the area to highlight the high concentration of these prized culinary awards are in the region. Specifically, there is a star for every 44,000 inhabitants, a ratio that places Girona as the province with the highest proportion of stars of Spain and well above big cities like Paris or London. Miguel Angel Oliva advanced that he wants to work to capture three different market sectors: the close market, tourists and large companies that go the major events in Catalonia. First, the group aims to create a community of lovers of haute cuisine. Second, to focus on the visitors of the province and turn the destination into a gastronomic route.

Chef Paco Perez, from the restaurant Miramar Llançà, underlined the background of the initiative “to share rather than compete,” while the dessert Chef Jordi Roca, from El Celler de Can Roca, noted that this is a new opportunity to “talk about the territory.”

This new brand will surely bring new meals to the table for those who have appetite!

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