Did you know that inside the Natural Park of Cap de Creus there is a lighthouse that it is located in the easternmost position on the Iberian Peninsula? In an incomparable setting for being a wild and isolated 500 meters from the tip of the Cap de Creus but surrounded by a beautiful scenery.

The lighthouse of Cap de Creus is located in a strategic point, 87 meters above the cliff “Esquena tip” that ends in the sea to be separated by a narrow canal, the small island called “Encalladora” one of the hardest areas for navigation lashed by east winds and the famous tramontana.

It is the second oldest lighthouse in Catalonia and serving since July 29, 1853 (the oldest is the de Llobregat) was included in the first program of headlights by Isabel II of Spain to match the fixed light in Cape Bearn. Because of its strategic position was the subject of military use in times of war, in fact, almost the entire Civil War with its optical unused since faded by order of the military authorities of the town of Cadaques in October 1937.

As a curiosity, this is a very “cinematic” lighthouse since it was used as a backdrop in several movies such as “The Lighthouse of the End of the World” where stars of the time such as Kirk Douglas, Yul Brynner and Samantha Eggar and the Spanish actor Fernando Rey played the lighthouse keeper and had to fight against the attack of the pirates who tried to destroy the light signal to rob the ships.

Source: Red Costa Brava

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