Every Sunday of November in Llançà find the wonderful opportunity of hiking routes in the Cap de Creus and other amazing places in the area. Four days with different difficulty levels that allow better know the area and its attractions, with guides Gregalada.

Gregal is the platform where experienced professionals of environmental education, hiking and guided tours, come together to offer activities in natural areas of Alt Empordà relying on two pillars, nature (guided tours, hiking, interpretive hiking, snorkeling summer …) and tradition, to better understand the role of man in this territory.

  • On November 8 at 8 h. a route of 21 km starts. and a vertical drop of 605 meters, with a medium / high difficulty, visiting the Chapel of St. Sylvester, St. Marti Vallmala, Puig d’Esquers, Dolmen of Puig d’Esquers, St. Miquel de Colera.
  • The 15 day visiting Valleta, the Chapel of St. Sylvester, St. Genís del Terrer, Coll de les Portes, a route consists of 10 km., Difference of 300 meters and low difficulty level.
  • On day 22, the route of more slope, 700 meters, visiting Coll del Perer, St. Pere de Rodes, St. Salvador and Sta. Helena. A tour of 16 km and a higher level of difficulty.
  • Finally, on 29, 15 km. with a medium level of difficulty covering a vertical drop of 400 meters to visit the Perer Coll, Vall de Sta. Creu, El Port de la Selva and Llançà

Different routes and difficulty levels. The best sunday plan is to sport a little in the outsides.

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