Spain is recovering thanks to foreign investment:

A countless number of large companies and investors have put their focus on Spain again. For this reason, indicators related to investment, return to the ratios previous to 2008. Last year, according to the World Investment Report 2014 – UNCTAD, Spain was the European country that received more foreign direct investment, ahead of the UK, Germany and Holland: 39.167 million dollars, this is 52.4% more than in 2012.

Who is pushing this investments? Investors have found in Spain opportunities that don’t exist across the Atlantic: mountains of unpaid and unsaleable and dubious credit portfolios. Regardless of vulture funds and interest in bargains, real estate is one of the sectors that is recovering and has a lot of foreign investment. After all, Spain is the fifth largest economy in Europe (third or fourth in some segments), the third tourist destination in number of visitors. Spain is beginning to show growth in GDP and consumption, so it has become increasingly interesting to invest in real estate, of whatever kind.

The Spanish Real Estate Market

These increases in GDP and consumption have encouraged many acquisitions of existing, usually by foreign funds. Another segment of the real estate that is driving the arrival of foreign capital is the rent. Because of the crisis more and more people opting to rent. According to a chain of estate agents “the percentage of families living in rent rose from 15% to 19% between 2010 and 2012″. In 2000 accounted for 9%. Even if the market remains largely in private hands, the funds have interested them to buy packages of housing, given good returns. According, the ratio of return on rental flats after falling from 6.5% to 3.5% between 1998 and 2007, has four years to rise and is now at 5%.

Luxury housing market

Then there is the luxury housing market, rental and sale. It has withstood the crisis better than standard housing prices have fallen by around 15% and are now rising. In the most glamorous coastal areas such as Marbella, Mallorca or Costa Brava, the sales of this type of mansions, villas and apartments are super approaching and even exceeding those of 2007 and 2008. This is very good news for the Costa Brava lovers, because you’ll find the most beautiful houses in the most amazing envoirements.





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