Few regions in Spain have so much excitement, initiative and alternatives such as Girona. In itself, its muse, radical, heterogeneous and even mysterious.

The sophisticated sight of Lloret de Mar

It’s not known who is to blame, but the truth is that the first 45 minutes in this coastal town all you will see is tourists dancing to the rhythm of electro music and epileptic neon lights. Nevertheless, as the sun rises the town of Lloret changes. The other side, which really is the essence of this city, and you will find unexpected corners, as the gardens of Santa Clotilde, cultural nights in the modernist cemetery or the isolation of establishments like the Hotel Santa Marta. Tablecloths start to make noise as the Freu Hotel Guitart Monterrey opens its doors with Pep Arbós captaining their dishes. Tasting with seasonal flavors seemingly simple menu has already attracted many mouths.

Xavier Sagristà: From Mas Pau to Peralada

Within the universe of entertainment and comfort that involves the whole hotel, casino and wine castle of Peralada, a small leg had to be filled. Gastronomy, until now, was only a minor player in this cast of stars. However, with the arrival of the chef Xavier Sagristà and the reformation of its restaurant, yet unnamed, the scene is now complete. Although it’s a long term objective, the impressive cheeses and some creations like octopus sashimi or grilled sea bass begin to paint a picture that will make our French neighbors and their precious Guide fal in love with Peralada.

Beautiful Farmhouses

The evolution of the Costa Brava could not be understood without observing the phenomenon that has revitalized and modernized the old farmhouses of the Ampurdán. Mas de Torrent, the grand hotel away from the coast that has adapted its centuries old stones to the most demanding luxury. At the charming and exotic Spa, this year we must add the touch Set Puigdevall (two Michelin stars) in its renewed menu that seeks to attract a public that wants to combine water with the dining experience. While in other areas and at other levels, different farmhouses in the area have pointed to the rejuvenation of its facilities as is the case of Mas Sorrer with a jazz bar.

The best views

In the Costa Brava you can fins a combination between top gastronomy and chromatically saturated and idyllic landscapes. A kind of Beta version of these multisensory style shows can be find at El Somni of the Roca brothers (in their artistic version), the Sublimotion Paco Roncero (as overly extravagant version) or the Heart of Ferran Adria (opening soon).

Wine and food

Among luxury hotels, impossible coves and sometimes winning restaurants lose a little perspective and essence of things. By claiming that touches three products whose more famous names do not correspond to this land. And yet, the product is excellent, almost insurmountable.

The first is the rice of Pals, the imperative of so many dishes of sea and mountains with the whole Girona has carved a niche in the culinary map. The second, anchovies from L’Escala, less goodwill but preserved with the same care and attention that premiums of Biscay. The last big surprise for the palate and the view is his fledgling wine, with dozens of wineries that are not only sophisticated, but they have become tourists references.

A Hotel in search of being a destination 

In this bipolarity luxury sea-mountain-tradition there are some establishments that live on the wire, without opting for any of these options. And live to tell. The latest to join this trend and become a hotel-destination for any traveler is Mas Tapiolas, a complex located in a privileged environment in the near Santa Cristina d’Aro stream. Traditionally, the exuberant nature that surrounds it was always the strongest argument to visit, as well as the charm of its historic farmhouse.

However, in this effort to become a resort to spend all day, this year opens a small field Pitc & Putt and a new area suites. These stays, completely different from the room, not only have a different architecture, but have a hypnotic view of the monastery of Santa Maria and some sinful luxuries like their small private heated pools under the same roof. Ideal for never leaving.

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