Spain has established in 2015 as a real estate destination for international investors, which account for 70% of the total investment this year of 13,000 million.

The recovery of residential land will go further in 2016. For that, the national director of CBRE Capital Markets, Mikel Marco-Gardoqui provides that the investments are diversified geographically and by type, as well as operators that invest in real estate assets, allocate money to improve their quality through reforms in order to obtain an additional return.

One of the novelties in 2015 was that the “floor” back in the spotlight of investors, to be able to buy at low prices and get higher returns, according to Julian Labarra, Head of Corporate Finance at CBRE, he ensures that there is as much land sales operations. Labarra says that “investors are focusing much discount to buy and sell active promoters” that can make the buildings in one or two years. In his opinion, the recovery of residential estate and soil will grow next year, because the ground is ceasing to be stuck in the banks and go into the hands of investors.

Despite the growing interest in the land for residential development in Spain the sector of offices which most investment concentrated. The purchase of offices represent a total of 5,600 million in total investment of 13,000 million in 2015.

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