Saint John’s Eve is celebrated from sunset on 23rd till sunrise on 24th June is such a magical night that it’s also known as the Night of Fire. It’s the time when we say goodbye to spring and hello to summer, it’s the shortest night of the year, but without doubt, the most beautiful. On the Costa Brava, as in the rest of Catalonia, the Saint John’s Eve party known as the ”Revetlla de Sant Joan”, forms part of the festive heritage of Catalonia.

On the 23rd of June we also celebrate the arrival of la Flama del Canigó. This tradition is inspired by Jacint Verdaguer’s epic poem and has a great symbolic importance for Catalans. Story has it, that since 1955, the Flama de Canigó has united Catalonia through fire. Saint John’s Eve bonfires across Catalonia are lit by torches kindled in the large fire lit at the summit of the Canigó mountain, the flame is a symbol of the survival and vitality of Catalan culture.

In every town and city, in the mountains or at the beach, people get together around bonfires with their family and friends, to celebrate this evening. In many other countries the shortest night of the year is also celebrated with fire. This purifying element is accompanied by music and dancing until the early hours, fireworks and in the case of Catalonia the traditional Coca de Sant Joan, which is a sweet bread with candied fruit.

No matter how you spend the shortest night of the year, in Catalonia Sant Joan is always fun and you’ll have a great time. Come to the Costa Brava to get to know this amazing tradition!

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