Girona’s cuisine stands out for its variety based on traditional and avant-garde cuisine. The gastronomy of Girona is one of the highlights in Catalonia, it has many contrasts: The coast side provides abundant fish and shellfish; while the earth nourishes the excellent cuisine of vegetables and fruits, beef and pork. The best memory left by the Girona región is its flavour. All its different flavours, the local ingredients and the fine wines.

In Girona you can find Michelin-starred and world’s best restaurants. The most noteworthy restaurant is El Celler de Can Roca, an international benchmark. In the province of Girona there are 16 restaurants with 20 Michelin stars, reflecting the exquisite combination of culinary tradition and creative spirit!

By some, the city is considered to be the birthplace of the Spanish cuisine as it was the place where the first Greek colony was established six centuries  ago in Ampurias. The Greeks in addition to science and art, also brought food culture to Spain and established the four main ingredients: olive oil, wheat, garlic and wine, which are the basic elements of Catalan cuisine.

The province of Girona is divided into several subregions: the Ampurdán, the name originated in Ampurias and gastronomically bordering with Aragon cuisine and even has influences of Navarra. Then we have the coastal area or region of the Costa Brava, where seafood reigns. Cerdanya, in the western Pyrenees and Andorra border where thanks to good pastures and livestock, meats succeed and milk.

As we said, El Celler de Can Roca is the epitome of Girona’s cuisine, but there are many more throughout the province with high quality products. Therefore, they are is a lot of gastronomic tradition, forums and festivals in Girona every year. If you plan escape to Catalonia, you can’t miss visiting some of these culinary regions and enjoy at the same time  the most primitive and avant-garde cuisine.


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