From October 16th to November 1st, organized by the Institute for Economic Promotion of Palafrugell, you can enjoy the delicious food festival, a gastronomic event dedicated to the typical local dish known as “Es Niu”. The recipe “es niu” is laborious, it requires about five hours, plus more preparations so it is not always usual to see it in the menu cards of the restaurants.

It is a “sea and mountain” dish, although its originally its made in Lent and therefore it doesn’t have any meat, the recipe that has come down to us often used as ingredients, cuttlefish, squid, quail or pigeon, sausage, bacon, cod tripe, peixopalo (of the cod family that usually keep dry), boiled eggs, potatoes and beef broth bones, with a sauce based on onion, garlic and tomatoes.

The emplatado, also typical, mashed potato or chips in the middle of the plate with egg on top and other elements that make up the recipe, so that looks like a nest, hence its name. You may add aioli, depending on the version of “es niu”.

The following restaurants are involved in the Festival and will serve this dish during the gastronomic weeks.


  • Restaurant L’Arc.
  • Restaurant La Xicra
  • Restaurant Pa i Ra


  • Restaurant Calella Balcó


  • Restaurant Hotel Casamar
  • Restaurant Hotel El Far
  • Restaurant Hotel Llafranc
  • Restaurant Hotel Llevant


  • Restaurant El Clot dels Mussols


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