Although most tourists come to this beautiful fishing village to see the world of surrealism of Salvador Dalí. But there are many other reasons to come this village in the Costa Brava and we are going to point them out for you.

Until the late nineteenth century, this village remained isolated by land between the mountains of Puig de Paní and Puig Bufadors, but living facing the sea it’s not a surprise that their only activity was fishing. Precisely this isolation is the main factor that has made in Cadaqués one of the best preserved Catalan villages.

Later, with the creation of new trade links through the Mediterranean, in the 19th century the salting industry thrived, but today the local tourism has more weight in the local economy. Within the local cuisine based on fish and Mediterranean diet, there are several dishes and typical products of the municipality; seafood paella, the “suc d’escorpora” (scorpion fish sauce) or fish from the daily catch. Tradition is also making sweets called “Taps”.

But above all, we know Cadaqués for its white facades and the relief of the Church of Santa Maria de Cadaqués. Whether because of its scenic beauty, wonderful coves accessible only by sea, the green olive groves, or the turquoise waters, during the 20th Century, Cadaqués became the “place-to-be” for artists, writers and bohemians seeking for inspiration. Some of these artists are world famous line: Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Federico Garcia Lorca, Buñuel, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Magritte, Andre Derain, Richard Hamilton, Antonio Pitxot, Josep Pla and Eugeni d’Ors and many others. You can also find a large number of art galleries along with the Museum of Cadaqués or the Dali Museum.

We propose that you go enjoy the many activities that the sea has to offer. You can rent a kayak or do a boat trip, that will give you a different perspective of its beautiful beaches and coves.

Precisely one of the characteristic features of its beaches are pebbles. The most famous beaches and coves, due to its proximity to the town center are: Platja de Portdoguer or Port Alghero, Platja Gran or Es Poal. Outside the urban center you can also find magic beaches like Cala de Portlligat, among others. We noted that in Cadaques naturist beaches are not classified as such, but the practice of nudism is very common.

As you can see there are many reasons to spend at least a day in this wonderful fishing village of about 2800 inhabitants, and come back with thousands of great photos that will remind your of the fact that magic exists, just like Dali did.

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