The fishermen’s huts in Aiguablava will soon be recognized as a cultural asset of local interest, thanks to the commitment of the City Council of Begur. Aiguablava is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava, in a sense of remoteness and solitude. Admired by the beautiful shades of green, turquoise and purple, its waters reflect their funds through fine sand and seaweed.

In this cove we can fins a total of eight fishermen’s huts that were built over 200 years ago, well-known popularly and noted for its vivid colors. With the unanimous approval of the City Council of Begur, these eight buildings of traditional architecture, currently used for the service of restaurants, stores and homes, will be protected and will not be demolished as claimed in some cases by Ministry.

Begur with these fishermen’s huts of Aiguablava, is expanding its properties listed in the inventory of “Patrimoni architectural de Catalunya”, as they are have also the Indian homes and the Casino of 1870, its two churches, the Parador de Aiguablava or the chapel of San Ramón.

The Costa Brava is full of national Spanish heritage and beautiful places to visit that make the tripe worthwhile.



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